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  • I am having problems with your site and I use AOL. What can I do?
    AOL searches the internet in such a way that our E-Commerce store cannot accurately detect you as a valid account, thus your password and other features might not work. There are a couple of potential fixes you can try:
    • Clear out your Cache. (use this link for examples: AOL Support)
    • Clear out your Cookies. (use this link for examples: AOL Support)
    • Completely log off, and restart AOL.
    • Come back to and try to shop again.

    If these recommendations do not work, please try the following:
    1. Log in to AOL as you normally would
    2. After you have logged in successfully, minimize the AOL browser
    3. Search for Internet Explorer either on your Desktop or by clicking on Start, Programs and open Internet Explorer. You can also download and install Firefox (, and follow the same instructions mentioned for Internet Explorer.
    4. Come back to and try to shop again.

  • Why is the site slow? Why can't I log on?
    During Easter Weekend, we experience a high volume of people attempting to order tickets. That volume will make the site slower. Just be patient, it will just be a slower process than normal during heavy volume times (such as mid-day, early evenings). If you can attempt to order you tickets at other times, you should see things moving a lot quicker.
  • What are the Easter Sale times?
    Thursday morning before Easter through Monday night after Easter.
  • When can I pick up my Onsite Pickup tickets?
    Onsite Pickup Tickets can be picked up during operational hours of the Ride Pier or Breakwater Beach. Please check the website ( for a listing of these hours at each park.

    Onsite Pickup orders can be picked up whenever you are coming to the property and do not need to be picked up prior to that. Your tickets will be here waiting for you :)

  • Did my order go through?
    You can check the status of any orders you've placed by logging into the store and clicking 'My account' at the top right.
  • I forgot my password
    Underneath the area of email address for returning customers there is a link for you to receive a new password. Click 'Forgotten Password, click here' to have a new password emailed to you. Go to your email (please remember to check your spam/antivirus/junk filter on your email account), get the new password, and log in with your email and the new password.
  • I want to update the quantity of an item in my shopping cart
    In your shopping cart - top right 'cart contents' - change the number next to the item that needs to be changed, then click 'Update'.
  • Your site won't allow my order to go through!
    ALL information must be correct on each page before moving forward. For example, you cannot move on from the order page if you have a mistake in your shipping address. You cannot go past the billing page where you put in the credit card information if you have a mistake in the address that the credit card is billed to. If you look around the page you are on - if the site is not allowing you to continue - there will be some type of notification error showing up. See what it says and change any errors.
  • Why is my credit card declined? I use it all the time.
    Your address you have in your account for billing MUST match the billing address and information for the credit card you are using exactly. It will be declined if you have the wrong address, wrong name, wrong zip code, etc. This is to protect our customers from having any unauthorized usage of their cards.
  • I was supposed to get a confirmation sent to me, but didn't get anything.
    Check your spam/antivirus/junk filter on your email account. If it isn't there - log into you account and look up your orders.
  • Can I ship my order to a PO Box.
    YES! Finally you can! Thanks for being patient.
  • Why wasn't my order delivered?
    We ship via USPS. If you notice that it has been over 2 weeks since you placed your order, please email us at If you received a confirmation page from us, then you should be expecting an order. If you did not get one, there was a problem with your order. Also make sure you did not order the item to be set up as Onsite Pickup and therefore nothing is being shipped to you, you have to pick the items up here.
  • I just called my bank or looked online and it seems you've charged my card extra money and I want a refund!
    Your credit card company or your bank will not be able to tell you that your payment was declined and not applied to your account the same day you place your order. When an order is placed, a "hold" for that amount is put on your account. If the card is declined for any reason, that "hold" will not come off your account until the credit card batch from that day is settled. The "hold" may not even come off right away depending on your individual bank's practices. If you placed an order, and it was declined, and a second order was accepted for the exact same items, we will not charge your account twice; although it may look like so on a statement - until the settlement between the credit card company and the bank is complete.